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Books for Empaths and Codependents

Books For Empaths And  Codependents

Narcissists are attracted to Empaths because they are forgiving by nature and continually make allowances. Empaths often struggle with creating and maintaining boundaries. Codependents struggle to find their inner self worth and instead look outwardly and make their partner ‘their whole life’.

Narcisists love this because in both cases they have someone who dotes on them no matter how they behave in the relationhip.

Both Empaths and Codependents would benefit from building up their self esteem and learning how to create boundaries. Below are some good reads if this resonates with you:

Image Title Author  Details Details
codependent book You’re Not Crazy You’re Codependent Jeanette Elisabeth Menter UK USA
empowered empath The Empowered Empath Judy Dyer UK USA
melody beattie Codependents Guide To The Twelve Steps Melody Beattie UK USA
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