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Books On Narcissistic Abuse

Books On Narcissistic Abuse

The following books are great books to read to help when recovering from narcissistic abuse. They will help you to see you aren’t on your own, nor are going crazy!

Whilst there are friends we could talk to, unless those people are familiar with the ebb and flow of a narcissistic relationship, they may not understand. Replies of ‘just leave him’ or ‘time to move on’ are common and really don’t help. A relationship with a narcissist is not the same as a normal relationship due to trauma bonding and the attack on your spirit and self esteem.

Reading books by people who understand feels uplifting, finally someone ‘get’s it’. Below are some good choices:

Image Title Author   Details Details
narcbook Stop Caretaking The Borderline Or Narcissist Margalis Fjelstad UK USA
kill narcissist How To Kill A Narcissist J.H. Simon UK USA
out of the fog Out Of The Fog Dana Morningstar UK USA
psycopath Psychopath Free Jackson Mackenzie UK USA

It could be that if you keep attracting narcissists, it’s because you are an empath or codependent. If you’d like to see books on those topics, please click here.

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