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Life After The Narcissist – Manifesting True Love

Life After The Narcissist – Manifesting True Love

We all need connection, intimacy, and strong emotional interaction with fellow human beings in order to live a long, happy fulfilled life. After the narcissist relationship ends, you need to start looking forward and working on yourself in order to figure out what you want next.

Our mental well being and happiness are inextricably related to meaningful and intimate relationships. To manifest true love you must first figure out the qualities you desire in a perfect partner and think about the experiences you want to share in life.

Take Time To Reflect

The key to this is to take time to properly understand yourself. You may think you already know everything about yourself but time in conscious thought may bring some revelations.

Grab some quiet time and ask yourself:

  • What makes you happy? Think about whether you are in tune with your own heart. Are these things you think ‘should’ make you happy based on others expectations of you or are they things that genuinely light you up.
  • Who inspires you and what is it about them that inspires? How can you pull more of this inspiration into your own life.
  • Do you often do things you love doing or do you put things off? If you put things off why?
  • Do you treat yourself with love and respect? You may discover that you need to work on increasing self-love. If you love yourself and do things that make you happy, you’ll attract others that do the same and are on the same energy level as you.

People, who are unlucky in love often have deep-rooted beliefs that they don’t deserve to be loved. Narcissists love people like this, they are able to easily pretend to be your soul mate and so the game begins. Victims of narcissistic abuse often have codependency traits or have learned they have to people please to survive. This often stems from something that happened in childhood, maybe being bullied at school.

After the narcissist has left, the feeling of being abandoned can feel very raw.

after the narcissist

Get some books on codependency, on self esteem and work on healing yourself. Healing yourself means you will fully recognize if another narcissist comes into your life and you will choose with confidence not to enter into a relationship with him.


Self-care is all about taking care of your needs, your health and happiness. If we constantly neglect self-care by trying to meet the need of others before taking care of ourselves, it harms our self-esteem. When you’re in a relationship, you do need to think of other’s needs as well as your own but if you always take care of others’ needs before your own, you’ll attract people who just take from you.

Manifest True Love Exercise

This exercise can be done to help to bring new love into your life.

First get into a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you exhale, say the word “relax” and give your body and mind a chance to relax.

Now imagine yourself on the “perfect date”. You’re feeling so wonderful and relaxed and at ease with yourself, and the person you’re with. Visualize where you are, see yourself having fun and being fully engaged with that person. Vividly picture your partner, imagine how they feel and smell.

See the scenery around, the weather, feel the electric chemistry between you. Allow the positive romantic energy to fill up your body as you are fully present. Spend some time imagining the joyful presence of your partner. Take a few deep breathes and relax back into the room before opening your eyes.

Buy a lovely journal and write about your experience. Repeat this exercise daily, vividly imagine and you will start to see exciting changes happen.

Remember you are the master of your life. Manifesting the desired relationship is as easy as manifesting anything else in life.

You have had a bad experience with the narcissist but don’t let that event take over your life. Believe in yourself, put out a positive energetic state, regularly do the manifest true love exercise above and before long your ideal life will manifest.

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