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Narcissist New Supply Downgrade

Narcissist New Supply Downgrade

A seemingly perfect supply can often be left blindsided when the narcissist chooses someone less intelligent and beautiful for their next source of supply.

It hurts so much that we were traded in for someone who we feel is lower on the scale. But if you think about it, in reality it’s going to be hard for the narcissist to find someone as wonderful.

After all, we gave him everything. You put 100% into the relationship but the narcissist doesn’t want a give and take relationship, they want to create chaos, they want to hurt our ego, they want to feel superior. But why has the narcissist chosen a new supply downgrade?

There are a number of reasons:

The Narcissist Is In Need Of Fresh Adoring Attention

The new supply is likely to be naive to narcissism so fully enters into the love bombing with fresh enthusiasm. Perhaps you’ve got sick of constantly having to tell him how wonderful he is and wasn’t telling him as often as he needed to fulfill his ego.

And why should you? Especially when once the love bombing stage is over it’s likely the narcissist rarely ever complimented you. It’s draining to have to keep telling someone how gorgeous they are. Narcissists have no self worth and rely on constant adoration to feel normal. They are like leeches sucking the life out of you.

Narcissists Like To Be In Control

They enjoy achieving ultimate control by downgrading you. They love it when they can make you feel you aren’t that special after all. You need to realize it’s just your ego that’s hurting and in reality you’ve dodged a bullet now he’s replaced you.

The narcissist is deeply insecure, they see you are beautiful, intelligent, sparkly, people love you for the genuine person you are and they despise this. The only way they can feel better is to bring you down to a low level by trying to make you feel you don’t matter.

The Narcissists Mood Of The Moment

The narcissist changes hour by hour dependent on their mood. That’s why they are so intriguing and you can never guess an outcome.

If you don’t fit their desired mood of the moment they will find other supply that fits their needs. Trust me though as their mood changes again they may well bore of other supply and come back to see if they can suck you back in.

The Narcissist is Bored

The narcissist enjoys the thrill of the chase. They love ‘Grade A’ supply, the more beautiful and successful the better but this supply, like anything for the narcissist, soon becomes boring and they become in need of ‘new supply drugs’. The narcissist will now proceed to suck this new supply dry before becoming bored once again.

Every supply will become boring to the narcissist at some point. Usually when the new supply starts seeing the narcissists true colours, becomes hard work and the narc then feels its time to move on.

You Saw Through The Narc Mask

So you’ve finally sussed their lies, you’ve seen through the love bombers mask and you’ve probably called them out on their lies. It’s just too hard work for the narcissist to carry on pretending and far easier to downgrade for an easier, new source of supply that doesn’t hold them to account.

Narcissist New Supply Downgrade, So What Now?

So you’ve been discarded and the narcissist has a new supply downgrade. The thing you have to consider is whether you always want to be in a relationship where you are just there as supply to feed their ego.

The narcissist will never care about you and never has, they only feign interest to get something in return – attention, forgiveness, admiration, sex and to prove they can have you back if they want.

I know your head is probably all over the place and you feel grief stricken for having been discarded for a downgraded new supply. But you are not grieving the loss of a real person, just the person you thought he was.
See the discard as a chance to rebuild your life, work on you. He will treat the new supply exactly the same way he has treated you soon enough. Feel sorry for the new supply rather than envious and don’t look back.

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