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Narcissist Prayer

Narcissist Prayer

A Narcissist Prayer For You?

You love bombed me
I gave you the power
You told me things
I should have known myself
That I’m beautiful
That I’m smart
That I light up a room
I opened up
Told you so much
My thoughts my fears
How I thought you were my soulmate

You gas lighted me
You made me worry about the way I looked
You made me worry about the way I spoke
You made me feel I wasn’t good enough
I tried harder to be perfect
I just wanted it to be the way it was before

You gave me the silent treatment
I begged and I cried
I rang and I messaged
You ignored my calls
Read my messages and ignored

You discarded me
I was a shell of the person I used to be
I no longer had any self esteem
I no longer had a use
You walked away and found someone new

I slowly healed
I read up on narcissism
I read up on co dependency
I read up on law of attraction
I created boundaries
I reinvented myself
I will never be who I was
But now I’m so much better

You saw the new me
And now you want me back
Well fuck you
There is no narcissist prayer for you


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