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The Narcissist Fake Self

The Narcissist Fake Self

The Narcissist needs constant attention to feel a sense of normality. Most people wake up in the morning and feel self esteem and worth, they enjoy recognition and attention but aren’t reliant on it. The Narcissist is different, he needs attention in the same way he needs food and water to survive.

He wakes up every day with a craving for attention and his whole focus every day is to feed that addiction.

The Narcissist hides his true self for two reasons:

  1. To act as a barrier so nobody can hurt him
  2. So he can project a perfect persona into the world and so stand the best chance of attracting the attention he needs to function.

Types Of Fake Narcissist

Narcissists typically work on one area when building up their fake self persona and normally fall under two distinct types of Narcissist . These are known as the Celebral Narcissist or Somatic Narcissist. Whilst Narcissists can display elements of both, one trait tends to be dominant.

Celebral Narcissist

A Celebral Narcissist uses his talent and intellect to attract attention. He prides himself on having a superior mind and will often try to move conversations into areas where he has a lot of knowledge in a bid to impress.

If you observe closely you will notice that the Celebral Narcissist will talk AT someone rather than TO them. They are quick to point out failings and lower intelligence in others and will be full of ideas of where people can improve. They enjoy wooing audiences with their witty anecdotes and impressive stories.

Examples of jobs where Celebral Narcissists excel are Politicians, Teachers and even Ministers.

Somatic Narcissists

The Somatic Narcissist relies on his physical attributes to gain attention. He is likely to be found flaunting his body whenever he can and will spend a long time in the gym and in front of the mirror. He will need constant reassurance that he looks great and that he is the best lover you ever had. He is likely to brag about past sexual conquests and will belittle anyone he feels is unattractive or doesn’t put enough effort into their appearance.

The Narcissists Fake Life

The Narcissist’s whole life evolves around getting the adoration he desperately needs and the best way to do that is to create a fake self to hide any insecurities. People notice him and feel admiration and adoration for the person who seemingly has no flaws and exudes confidence.

Narcissists are never short of admirers but they rarely get to see behind the mask.

This is why people find it hard to believe the truth when a narcissist relationship ends and the victim tries to explain the abuse and trauma they endured. There will be a huge temptation to ‘out him’ but he will never change and calling him out usually just makes you look bitter to his adoring crowd.

Don’t be mad at yourself for being fooled. It’s difficult to not fall for the Narcissist’s charm. But you have one life, don’t waste another second on people who aren’t worthy of your time. Live your life in harmony with your true self and leave the fake douche bag to karma and age.

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